Monday, June 6, 2016

Board and Batten Bathroom Part 1

I discovered windows one afternoon and after that, nothing was ever the same.-Anne Spollen

Well I managed to rest my dislocated clavicle one day shy of two weeks!!! It's still pretty sore, but it hasn't clicked or popped in two days! So what could I do that wouldn't require me to lift anything heavy or overuse my arm? I ultimately decided on Board and Batten. Right! But in my defense, the boards are very light, so is my nail gun and my miter saw takes very little effort to use. Yes, I'm sore tonight and probably won't do anything as strenuous tomorrow.

I blame it on Pinterest! Really! Other than read a book, surf the web, build my Pinterest boards, there really wasn't much else I could do. Almost two weeks of no progress on my side was making me crazy! We still don't have a shower, since tiling is clearly out of the question, but my bathroom walls are trimmed and so is my window.

First I'd like to share my inspiration. I wanted tall Board and Batten so that I can eventually put hooks for the towels, so this is what I found.

Since I was already cutting boards I figured I'd remove the door and window trim and trim them out as well. I really loved the craftsman trim in our previous 1905 home so i decided to recreate that feel here.

This just means I'm now committed to doing the rest of the doors and windows the same way, but it is easy to do and takes very little time.

Next is sanding, caulking and painting. After I rest my arm up for a couple of days I'll try to finish and get you some after pictures of the finished bathroom. I truly hope this happens sooner rather than later.

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  1. I’m in love with the wallpaper. Can you please direct me to the source?